Welcome to SN Kempo Karate

We are a Northampton (UK) based Kempo Karate club,  a friendly group that trains with the traditional Dojo rules and etiquette of Japanese Martial Arts.

We strongly believe that training gives confidence, helps with fitness, teaches self defence, and most importantly, promotes a respect for others.

We can help students achieve their potential, whether it be to progress through the grades of the Kempo Karate style, with the aim to get the coveted black belt, or to learn self defence or improve fitness. Whatever the goal, we will support you.

All learning takes place in a mandatory controlled, safe environment for multi-levelled students.

If you require any information please come to see us or contact us.

Useful Information

Price of Classes
December 5, 2016
We undercharge students for classes. Why is this you may ask? Is the standard of your Karate not on a par to elsewhere? On the contrary. We rent a hall. It's not pretty and doesn'...
Dojo Etiquette
December 5, 2016
Dojo Etiquette - Courtesy and respect are key elements in karate training and conduct. How we act is how others perceive us. Here are some general rules of conduct: Bow upon entering ...
Japanese Words We Use – Karate terminology
December 5, 2016
Below are some of the Karate terminology used by SN Kempo Karate here in Northampton. Numbers