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Shane Norris Sensei
Shane Norris Sensei
Shihan Rokudan (6th Dan)
Senior Chief Instructor

Sensei’s View

Students will be taught Kihon (basics), Kumite (partner work or sparring) and Kata (form). Traditional lines of Kata movements will be performed in a pattern or form. This will help with muscle memory, strength, enhance concentration, aid progression in techniques and to reach potential. Students will benefit from my experience at competition level in both Kumite and Kata.

I teach students of all grades and levels with equality and respect, encouraging them to give their best effort. Learning takes place in controlled, fun and interesting sessions. All students are supported towards their goals. Those wishing to compete will be given opportunities to do so.

They will learn to defend themselves and be respectful to others. The importance of fitness and being active will be promoted. By gaining knowledge they will be preserving the art of Karate. This may lead to them becoming a Sensei (teacher) one day.

I firmly believe that the knowledge I have gained does not belong to me alone. It should be given to those who seek it. My aim is to teach to the best of my abilities in the way I was taught.

My passion for training in Martial Arts means I train daily. This ensures I can fulfil everything my students expect of their Sensei.

Club History and Instructor Lineage

The style I teach has been developed from my 36 years experience and training in Martial Arts.

The history of the club dates back to the 1970’s. I spent many years training under Les Fisher Sensei, who sadly passed away in 2004. He had started a Kempo Karate club in Northampton after separating from Mick Bird Sensei at Northampton Kempo Kai.

In 2004 I started training on a regular basis under Mick Benfell Meijin. I am now a personal student of Mark Kemp Soke and regularly train at Phoenix Karate under Barry Tatlow Hanshi.

I continue to learn and incorporate more knowledge into SN Kempo Karate. The training is traditional and the club is constantly evolving.

I continue to teach and develop further the Kempo style.