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We undercharge students for classes.

Why is this you may ask? Is the standard of your Karate not on a par to elsewhere?

On the contrary.

  • We rent a hall. It’s not pretty and doesn’t have Japanese Kanji anywhere in the room.
  • We don’t hold stock of Karate merchandise for you to buy.
  • We don’t have lots of different belt colours with stripes all over them.
  • Our instructors do not get paid for teaching classes.
  • We emphasise quality of students and technique, not quantity of students and turnover.
  • We don’t have lots of mass produced Black Belts strutting around pretending to be important.
  • Our students don’t subscribe to the belief that higher fees elsewhere must mean it’s better elsewhere.
  • We are not a “McDojo” (for a definition of this you can Google it).
  • We don’t have an overseas Chief Instructor located in a far-away land, but we do have a lineage.

SN Kempo Karate offers training for Men, Women and Children. We take on students from the age of 5.

Beginners and former Karate practitioners are welcome.