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Is anybody welcome to join?
Karate taught at SN Kempo Karate is suitable for both children and adults, beginners or returning students
How old do you have to be?
The minimum age to begin training is 5+ . There is no upper age limit, only the one that is decided by the individual 
What should I wear?
Loose clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. If you wish to continue then you would be required to wear a black gi (Karate suit). This can be bought through the club if you wish
Will I get hurt?
Karate is not about getting hit. The emphasis of our Karate is on control and restraint. Light and controlled contact is the only contact encouraged. The club is about learning a Martial Art that includes etiquette and respect. Sparring is part of our Karate lessons but only once a student has the necessary skills to participate safely. Sparring instruction is given appropriate to the individual student’s grade. All lessons are taught with the emphasis on safety at SN Kempo Karate