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When you start paying for lessons, you will be asked to join our Association — Shaolin Temple Boxing – Tiger Ripping System ® .
Shaolin Temple Boxing - Tiger Ripping System ®

Our Association requires a £50 membership fee. However, this is a one off payment for lifetime membership and licence. (Even if you decide to have a break for a few years and then resume training, you will not have to pay this fee again.) It also gives you the opportunity to train with high graded Martial Artists in various styles from around the world. As well as the opportunity to attend regular Grading Exams, to pass different coloured belts for each Kyu grade and ultimately the coveted Black Belt.

You will also be required to pay insurance annually at the cost of £5. When you start Karate or any other Martial Art, it is essential to have insurance. This means that in the unlikely event of an injury you are covered by an insurance policy. The chance of needing this is highly unlikely but it is always better to be safe than sorry!